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The main foundation of our philosophy is respect for each child and nurturing each unique child through love and guidance.  Conflict resolution, reflection and respect are modeled and encouraged throughout our time together.  Separation, life changes, and any important events that occur in the child's life are incorporated into the daily activities, books, music and conversations. 

All of our staff have been heavily involved with work of Echo Parenting and Education, and Peace School uses many of the tools developed and promoted by Echo.  The curriculum we use is based on emergent curriculum, anti-bias curriculum and nonviolent teachings. 

The Peace School is a safe space, outside the home, where a child can interact with different personalities, adults, activities and environments.  Autonomy is encouraged in a community atmosphere.  Safety and emotional security are valued.  We are also committed to multi-lingual teaching that incorporates and supports the families’ home languages whenever possible.


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